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MAY 3 2013





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This unit based on visualizing and recording culture will be held in Bali, June - July 2013.
The studio will be a 3 week intensive learning experience involving some levels of cultural immersion. You will be taught by a team of Indonesian artists, lecturers and traditional artists including some of the best and most highly respected people in their craft.

The program will involve theoretical and practical lessons in drawing, painting, digital photography and Lontar engraving in remote Desa Sideman, which is located in the Karangasem Regency,

You will not be confined by the studio setting as field trips to temples, places of cultural interest and to Klungkung, Karanasem and Desa Sideman, a small village where traditional art and cultural practice over 400 years old is still maintained.

You will be guided both practically and spiritually though some of the most interesting aspects of this amazing culture.


  • Practical requirements will include the usual for overseas travel, current passport and health status such as inoculations recommended by your GP. There is a GP and medical office on campus ISI Denpasar.

    Each student will be required to have their own laptop and digital camera, basic drawing materials. All other materials will be supplied. Prior visual arts interest is recommended.

    Each student should have an unlocked mobile phone for local sim or roaming from Australia. Internet is limited on campus but internet cafes near by and internet sim cards are available in Denpasar.

    You will be required to have a Social/Business visa prior to entry into Indonesia available from the Consulate Indonesia in Perth.
  • You will need to have completed year one of your degree progam.
  • Scholarhsips

Study Abroad Scholarship applications close on Friday 26th April. We recommend you submit a scholarship application even if your place in the program has not yet been confirmed, as the application can always be withdrawn later. Go to and complete the “Non-Exchange (Scholarship only) application”. Scholarships of $500 are available for students who meet the academic eligibility (65% overall average)

“Students should note that the Bali Studio can only be taken as a second year or above unit in the undergraduate program. The unit code is VISA2270. Once your place is confirmed, you will receive instructions about adding this unit to your enrolment”)



The fee for this studio is separate from your usual UWA enrollment. It will be $1,200 per student. This DOES NOT INCLUDE AIR TRAVEL. You must provide your own travel from Perth to Denpasar return.

The fee covers all accomodation, transport, art materials, heritage site visits, fees for museums your exhibition, Ashram, opening ceremony and closing ceremony festivites. You will need money to provide your own meals, and personal expenses. Indonesia is not expensive for living costs.




MAY 3 2013


To download the expression of interest form word .doc click here



    Enrollment enquiries: Ms Carolyn Wood

    Phone  6488 2064
    Email: Ms Carolyn Wood













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