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The bali studio means a lot to me as i am a working artist in perth. 
I believe bali cultural art study will be no shortness of an amazing experience.
I am going to develop my visual understandings and my conceptual belongings.

I am very pleased to be included in this program.

I see bali as a very diverse culture, which is close to my birth home, representing a great differentiated experience.













Title: Lilly pad with water
Location: RUDANA Fine Art Gallery.
Date 6 July

Theme: Captured Event or Process

The action behind this lilly pad's large and small water drop, where the drops from the stone bowl dripped onto the lilly pad. The large section of water on the leaf maintain its containment as more water added itself, causing a jelly like jiggle. As was explained to us about the small cosmos directly reflected from the large cosmos and so on to all divisions of cosmos'.

I hesitate to define this point in connection with the photo more in respect of the obvious necessity of water in my life and the profound symbolic purpose of water in this cultural, spiritual belief. What was explained quite clearly for me by the guide at the introduction to the gallery was the inner conflict with in ourself as a reflection of the conflict in the world and the power to quiet this conflict contain it with love with in our own life.

Water, if it could share its story must know this conflict, perhaps water is always whole or at one with its separation. However or whatever the question or the answer is there is a purpose for water with other eternal factors sitting at the optimum level of profound















Location of photo- Sanur beach
Title of photo- Sunrise and Sky with Clouds
Date: 25 June

Theme of photo- Sunrise


I've been traveling tired, however the exhibition at ISI was nothing short of amazing and inspirational. I have been finding the daily journeys very visual combined with a very detailed personal focus. I have found walking the streets and the people I have met friendly. When I have explained my reason for stay in bali (studying at ISI Dempasar) there is always an interested response and a good level of respect from them. The inspiration I feel from the detail of the surroundings here in bali has a very positive effect on my art practice, I feel this and it feels positive.
The explained ideas of bali culture, referig to balance i have noticed within most of the designed pattern work and arrangement of sculptural figures, even in table cloths, descriptions of balance, which are contained to an area or art work or partial ornamental item.













Title: Man Writing
Location: Ashram ceremony Bali
Date: 29 June

Theme: Portrait

This section is dedicated to the very interesting connection of culture. The class of Bali culture tied in very well with the Bali Hindu belief. The way I have learnt about the Bali culture was interesting in itself, further more the ceremony today taught me a continuance from the very early history of Bali's people's social beginnings.

The connection as described a few different ways in different situations is a belief in unity of many sets of two different but none the less inspiring ideas of attitude, which in part is whole with the ensuing actions, such as the creation of Art for purpose in likeness with the thought of the manifestation before the actual creation of the Art work. The reason is aimed at the best results from the combinations, designed to achieve a mental, spiritual and balance of day to day living, which is Inspirational for and within my own art practice.

Although this is an academic set of words of my own, i find the method of this creating very peaceful.









Title: Man at waters edge
Location: Sanur beach
Date: 30th June

Theme: Activities, First impressions


A representation of balance within thought is most successfully manifested by behaviour. I have noticed local attention payed to delight in the sunrise each morning. Perhaps because I look forward to each day here, I identify with this greeting of the sun as it rises to illuminate the day.

I like this photograph of the man at the waters edge because the time at the beach was initially about photographs, but having stood near this man, my experience changed to the real reason I should be down to view the sunrise, which is to contemplate a new day possibly memories of other days too. I guess it seems obvious to write this, however the feeling of epiphanies are always more profound than the words express.








Title: Still Life with Musical Instruments
Location: Sanur
Date: 1 July

Theme: Still Life


Shape has been an underlying focus within my drawings, photographs and in most of all that i see.
The balance i have been referring to in other submissions has been essentially and attempt to unify the quasi chaotic mass of visual stimulation here in Bali, the art and the urban look. I intend to create new more complex dynamic images in my drawing and my what I capture in my photographs. It has been developing strongly in my drawings and there is some sort of flow from one the next work i make, some jump lager in development with is brilliant to see come out on paper.

These are musical Instruments found quite easily in street shops, these shops sell a range of items sometimes these items are musical. The instruments seem to be quite simple in construction, although may be actually quite difficult to make.

I would like to mention all i have said about photographs and drawing, will also be developed in my musical compositions.
I also composed a musical instrumental with these local instruments in their photo and a guitar, titled 'travel song'.










Title: Statue at Archway
Location: Museum Bali
Date: 26 June

Theme: Temple

Much like my growing understanding of Bahasa Indonesia this photo to me represents this journey also the entire trip here in Bali where there was a now and later reflections on all I intend to learn on this island. Moreover now seems to refers to today in language class I made pathways into the local language but merely a future journey of clarifying this education, (I wish i wasn't so self absorbed in my education). Well, long story… not yet arrived i need to walk on from the lessons of today through the metaphoric archway to find my future abilities in communicating my thoughts, meaning and ideas in a different language. I did walk through the archway and I believe this photo adequately represents the trips future, in this context.

I am in love with the statue carvings. I believe the reasons behind grotesque figures is eternally profound, Its like i want to free them from their torment or overpower them from my righteousness or accept they also are a part of life.

Thank you carver.
















Title - Head Dress
Location - ISI campus
Date: 8 July

Theme - close up

This photo is the head dress of the model we were privileged to photograph in our photography class. The model was wearing an amazing costume tolerating the heat like us students in full costume. The head dress is made cardboard but obviously is an extensive process to make it look unlike cardboard, It was amazingly well done. the head dress complete with an array of flowers was rich in colour and detail, on presentation, for us to photograph. 

This session yielded some of my most colourful photos i may have ever taken with a clarity equaling my curiosity as to how this islands people make such dedicated designs and costumes. Im in awe, if my distraction hindering me to be as detailed was these costumes and designs perhaps one day I will become Much more dedicated.








Location- Klungkung
Title - Klungkung skyline
Date: 10 July

Theme - Architecture

Already in love with rooftops, the Klungkung tower hotel was a kind of view of perfection for my eyes. I found it simple overwhelming, moreover the town has a rich artistic history.

Klungkung is the origin of many visual artistic and musical styles which are seen as particularly Balinese for the whole island. The view across the rooftops and into the yards of the homes there was an abundance of visual intrigue. I felt an abundance of privilage to peer across the town from up high. The colours of these buildings too are interesting.

I really think the attitude of building occupants and homes reflects how the buildings are seen visually. To see the buildings like this almost defies the need of structure and has made a lasting visual impression on me.










Location- Tongkanon completion ceremony , Toraja
Tittle - Thoughts

Theme - Ethnic


This was utterly an amazing day! The ceremony combines death with new life, and most people there are absorbed with the experience of its meanings creation.

Everyone whom is not associated with the family i.e., us students was immensely deep in thought and verging upon confusion, because that day was vastly different to anything we have known.

Actually Im speechless about how to describe what it was like to be almost rundown by large baskets of bamboo which contained massive pigs for sacrifice, being pulled away by locals protecting me and almost charged by a free pig, I was building courage to place my foot on the pigs face to protect myself but i don't know of the animals reaction, some were more aggressive than others. Toraja is truly an ancient society with massive importance towards family and its remembrance.