'Harmony in Diversity'


Truly Bagus II ‘Harmony in Diversity’

Harmony in Diversity is more than a title, it is an important principle in Balinese belief.  Embedded in the principles of Tri Hita Karana individuals strive for balance between human, nature and god, there you will also find  the implications of acceptance of cultural diversity.

Balinese believe that all elements of existence are governed by light and dark, and that balance is always achievable through acceptance and understanding.  The principles of education upheld by ISI Denpasar are to protect and develop culture, this includes a long history of traditional practice that is hugely main stream as well as a burgeoning contemporary practice which is taking Indonesia by storm into the SE Asian marketplace and beyond.

This body of work Harmony in Diversity represents a cross section of two dimensional works from FSRD faculty at ISI Denpasar .  Many works in this exhibition are from Fine Arts painting and include new and older works in acrylic and oils. There are works from the Craft and Design departments as well as Photography included in the display.

The occasion of the exhibition is the second formal exchange hosted by ALVA in the international cultural exchange study program (ISACFA) between UWA and ISI Denpasar.  The cultural exchange involves an in-country teaching program for UWA students in Indonesia and an academic and creative exchange from Indonesia in Australia.  The exchange from Indonesia includes an Artist in Residency program, seminar, workshop and exhibition.  This year the exchange artists will be Suklu who is noted for his drawing and painting but in particular installation and performative works.

The working relationship between UWA and ISI Denpasar has continued over a five year time period and has led to the development of a Category B in-country Broadening unit which in 2013 will be offered to students interested in cultural and art studies across the spectrum at UWA.

As the collaboration between ISI and UWA enters its sixth year, the question of sustainability arises. Achievable goals have been designed, set and reached in a steady progression to date but as the change over from the old BFA program concludes, the question of ‘what next’ arises?  Can a collaborative higher level course or post graduate offerings between our two institutions emerge?

Focus is now on developing the collaboration between ALVA and ISI Denpasar to be further strengthened  into a self-sustaining enterprise that benefits all both educationally and culturally.

Truly Bagus!

Paul Trinidad


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