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In 2012 ARStudio has been a hub of activity.
Several commisioned works have been the priority including the Leonora Cemetery Project, Suklu residency and production on the Cerebral Sanctum II suite of etchings.

There has been some news on the Miller’s Find movie teaser, which has been published to the web. The Heart of Darkness style movie proposal is set in Kalgoorlie 1926 and focuses on the gruesome murders of Gold Detectives Pitman and Walsh, a source of inspiration for many of my works and continued research in Indonesia, particularly the Kertha Gosa, the Balinese hall of justice. See the Cerebral Sanctum II work. I have been working on the Pitman and Walsh art project for some time.  I took a rest from it after the Body of Evidence exhibition in Kalgoorlie to concentrate on work in Indonesia. 
While in Indonesia I have been researching the grisly afterlife depictions in the Kertha Gosa and the Lontars of Desa Sideman, which are akin to the Graphic Novel.  I am poised now to begin a new series of works based on crime and punishment (including the afterlife) based on the Pitman and Walsh murders. 

more info about my previous work can be found here.

Nicola Daley and Sacha EE’s video is here:

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ancinet rock studio