between social

Cross CULTURAL Photographic Project:

100 th Anniversary of

Concept: Bob Sommerville, Pak Arba Wirrawan, Asst. Prof Paul Trinidad, Don Whittington Gina Evangelista.

Project Brief:
Still Evolving:
Interactive recording of Perth Fremantle Culture, including Fremantle Workers and Social Club.

Venues: On the run, Wharf areas, Night Life, The Last Train to Armadale.


Bob Sommerville

Paul Trinidad

Fremantle Workers and Social Club (FSWC)


Between Social

This project is ABOUT the significance of documentation as an interactive social activity.

"The photographer is not necessarily external to the subject, the relationship between observation and interaction between artist and subject where the subject may document the observer and subvert the process of tracing the leaves
". - John Tourette

The mobile phone is thought of as a device for INSTANTLY temporarily documenting lives, a tool of exchange between personal and public, facebook tweets, social media.

The DEVELPING concept is the camera as social eye. Everyone sees what is happening in a social situaltion but what are the individual thought processes? What happens when the space in between social and visible is opened? Visiting Balinese photographer, local photographer, artists, patrons, barfly's, what do we have in common?

Balinese Culture is friendly, colourful, open warm and largely non dependant on alcohol as a social elixr. How will Pak Arba respond? He has no knowledge of the cultural practices of the Aussie worker, no concept of a bar fly, he has never been behind a bar before, never taken alcohol. How will the patrons of FSWC respond to his gentle vision?

How will this project sit with visiting artists, what is important, the abstraction, the social, or the POLITICS of an internal vision.






Stage one of the project begins from 23rd September 2013 - it culminates with an exhibition in the Cullity Gallery in August 2014.

22nd September: Meeting of Stakeholders at theFWSC jam 5pm.
23rd September - Pak Arba and Pak Yasana, artists vititing from ISI Denpasar, Bali will arrive in Fremantle, residing at the Artists Foundation. Introductions at the FWSC and begin project
26th September - Exhibition of cultural exchange from Bali opening at the Cullity Gallery on campus UWA

27th September - Social gathering of Fremantle artists at FWSC to join in Between Social documentation of site.

29th September - Pulung Kampung, artists return to Denapsar.































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