Graphic Novel

VISA 2272




Leilani Suarez:

The idea I got for this project is how we view the city from the bridge where the ocean resides underneath.

A graphic novel project between two continents.

Concept: Paul Trinidad, Alex Wolman, Alberto Meza

Welcome to the gallery page of the Graphic Novel Project. Here you will find a collection of images and thoughts fromthe students od MIami Dade College.


Jamie Price:

Miami city  landscape inspire people differently.  For some it inspires dreams of wealth. For others, it inspires a temporary removal from every day life. .. a little piece of paradise.I created this print of an every day scene, for most who live here, from the view point of someone else.



Emmanuel Agudelo:

 I got the idea for this image by my experience as a graffiti artist and my visits to Wynwood, an artist's section of Miami.


Camila Rivero De La Guarda:

I wanted to capture a beautiful scene where there was harmony between nature and the city of miami.






For my first image, I showed the wealth of the people in Miami, with a Cadillac parked in front of an expensive hotel.  For my second image, I showed the loneliness of a Lifeguard Station.  The image is memorable, for it is a structure of the small building and a beautiful woman in a bikini walking seductively toward the immense sea… At that moment, I wanted to be the lifeguard to saved the girl from drowning in Miami Beach, and then, again, me driving my Cadillac with that beautiful girl to that expensive hotel…


What inspire me to create this image was my visit to the Alligator Farm, a unique form of farming the Everglades… and make it profitable!


Miami is known for its sandy shores and sunny beaches, but there is beauty all around the city.  I enjoy taking advantage of the many streams and channels where I can catch bass and have a great time fishing.





Stephanie Rodriguez:

I was glad to participate in this project for it gives me an opportunity to show the city I love, Miami.
I am always impressed with the skyline of high-rises and the sea.  I was born in Miami, but I enjoy it as a tourist does!









































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