International Studio for Art and Culture (Bali)


ISAC (Bali)


VISA 2270

Architecture Landscape and Visual Arts

(January 5-16 2015)







Students enrolled in this unit will be participating in ascribed activities but there should be no mistake that you will also be involved in real field work and research.

The unit aims at actuating your sensibilities and stimulating your responses and ability to record unique cultural experiences for use in the study program and later as a citizen of the world.

Site visits include day to day interactions with local community within the village of Padang Galak as well as the village temple, the Pan Am flight 108 crash memorial site, the Taman Festival Bali ruins, the pantai (beach) and the markets at Sanur.

You will be taken to the site of the Bali Bombing memorial in Kuta. You will be asked, 'How is this different from the site of the Pan Am memorial?"

You will visit museums to gather an understanding of the history of Bali from stone age until present, the sturggle for independance after WW II, the impact of tourism, the impact of the Bali Bombings.

Visits to other sacred sites and musemus will give you an insight into the spirtual side of Bali, Klungkung and Kamasan visits will open your eyes to the rich artistic heritage of Bali and the unique complexity some of its visual languages.



Pan Am Flight 812

Pak Made, praying at the Pan Am 812 memorial

Dwindling light after the Pan Am 812 40th Anniversary ceremony

Holy gathering from many denominations including Guru Gede Alit Adnyana (right) the temple guardian since 2003. 22 April 2014

Bali Bombing 2002

Pura Gate Padang Galak

Bali Bombing Memorial,-Bali-2002.-1.176

Taman Festival Bali

Taman Festival Bali ruins.

Bajra Sandhi Museum/monument

Dutch Intervention

Taman Festival Bali Ruins


Pura Padang Galak

Kerta Gosa

Kamasan Painting

Tirtha Empul

Bali Museum

ALVA student Tom Griffith working on his Kamasan Painting - Klungkung Bali 2012


Pregina Bali - Pak Adi leading ALVA students in Desa Sente, Klungkung 2012

Flavours of street food in Indonesia is unsurpassed.

Prepare for Ceremony Tunganan