2014 will be another busy year with projects running in Ancient Rock Studio Byford, Indonesia, Leonora and through ALVA.

Current projects in Indonesia involve research at Kamasan, Klungkung East Bali.
I will be working on a book about Kamasan painting techniques with Bapak Yasana

The director of the regency of Klungung will be giving me access to some of the traditional arts of Nusa Penida, and the upcoming festival in June.

This year I am also looking at drumming, collaborations with Mike Hunewell (Miami USA) and Le Kung, drummer from Bali (Indonesia)

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Drum Project



Drumming the Drawing





Drumming the Drawing






Cross Culture - performative drumming/drawing Sudakara Art Space (Photo - Asok2013)



Performative drumming Le kung (Photo - Sani 2013)